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Dr Sunil Chopra

Medical Director

Myself Dr. Sunil Chopra, I am the Clinical Director and Founder of the London Dermatology Clinic located on Wimpole Street in central London.

I had my training at University College London as an undergraduate and did my medical training at University College London and Chase Farms Hospital. I also did one year training in chest medicine at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge.

I did two years full time research studying the blood and nerve supply of skin and has written three major international postgraduate texts. Facial pigmentation, acne scarring and I am an expert at treating the signs of ageing.

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British Psoriatic Arthritis Consortium

The British Psoriatic Arthritis ConsorTium has been created to bring together people with an interest in psoriatic arthritis.

its mission is to facilitate and advance research and best practice in psoriatic arthritis in the United Kingdom.

Its main goals are:

  • To bring together UK individuals with an interest in PsA
  • To create a UK infrastructure to undertake studies in PsA
  • To collaborate in studies improving knowledge and outcome in PsA
  • To develop and execute research ideas in PsA
  • To engage with ARUK clinical study group to facilitate research in PsA
  • To engage with the Translational Research Partnerships in PsA
  • To collaborate with BRIT-SPA
  • To collaborate with GRAPPA
  • To engage with relevant dermatology stakeholders
  • To develop and disseminate knowledge around PsA and comorbidities 
  • To ensure patient and public involvement at all levels

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Jenny Hao

Junior doctor

Jenny Hao studied medicine at Imperial College, London and is currently a Senior House Officer at St Mary’s Hospital, London.

Many of her friends and family regularly ask her questions about health and healthcare, which she has enjoyed answering. Jenny believes that many other people might want similar questions answered so she has started “Ask Dr Jenny”, which initially will post an answer to a new question every week.

This will be available on HealthPad as will the accumulated answers. You can register with Health Pad and “follow” Dr Jenny and regularly receive her answers.

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