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Parth Piles, Stone & Hernia Hospital

Best Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad | Parth Hospital

The best gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad is Dr. Parth Kaushik Gajjar. He is practicing gastroenterology at Parth Hospital in Ahmedabad which is known as the best gastroenterologist hospital in Ahmedabad. As a gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad, Dr. Parth is highly respected for his treatment of gastroenterological diseases, such as acid reflux, ulcers, and Crohn's disease. He has been practicing for a decade. Dr. Parth has a hospital and provides consultation services in Ahmedabad for his patients.

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Dr. Manjunath Haridas

Best gastroenterologist in Bangalore

Dr. Manjunath Haridas one of the leading surgeons for Gastrointestinal Sciences at MIAS MH Surgery Clinic Bangalore-Whitefield. His area of expertise includes Gastrointestinal Surgery - Colon Rectum, Foregut Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and Minimally invasive surgery. He also performs Robotic Surgery, GI & Hernia, and Other common general surgeries. Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Surgery and Surgical Oncology.


MBBS- Bangalore Medical College
MD Surgery ( Cleveland, USA) Clinical Research Fellow Surgery (Cleveland USA)
Robotic Surgery Fellowship ( Atlanta , USA)
Fellow of International College of Surgeons ( USA)
Fellow of American College of Surgeons (USA)


Gastrointestinal Surgery - Colon Rectum
Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and Minimally invasive surgery, Robotic Surgery
Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Surgery
GI Oncology - Oesophagus, Stomach, Colon & Rectum
Advanced Hernia Surgery
Breast and Breast Conservation Surgery


MD Anderson Certified Physician for Cancer Care
Fellow of International College of Surgeons Associate
Fellow of American College of Surgeons Clinical Research Fellow Surgery (Cleveland USA)
International Healthcare Excellence Award 2022
Awarded the fellow Of American College of Surgeons
Awarded the SAGES membership
Honored by the American Board of Certification
Awarded as an honorary member of the ICS Chapter in the United States
A participation physician of MD Anderson Cancer Network

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Meridian IVF

Meridian Advance IVF & ICSI Centre Ledhupur, Ashapur, Varanasi

What sets Meridian IVF apart is that we carry out advanced IVF procedures, using leading-edge technologies, with great precision and hygiene. We are the group of experts in Fertility Centre in Varanasi. The Meridian IVF Clean Room IVF lab is a hi-tech, advanced lab specially designed to completely eradicate the harmful effect of virus, bacteria and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on the growth of the embryo.

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lohith gastrosurgeon

Best Gastroenterologist In Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Dr. Lohith U is the Best Gastroenterologist in Bangalore & he is a highly experienced GI, Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon with high-quality facilities treating a wide range of Gastro Disorders in Sarjapur road. Book an Appointment now.

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nulife gastrocare

Best Gastro Clinic in Kokapet, Hyderabad | Gastrology Treatment in Kokapet - Nulife GastroCare

NuLife GastroCare is one of the Best Gastro Clinic in Kokapet, Hyderabad. Dr Srujan Kumar Dasyam provides the Best Gastrology treatment in Kokapet, Hyderabad. Book an Appointment now.

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Dr Mayank Madan Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Mayank Madan | Best Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon, Gurgaon

Dr Mayank Madan has over 19 years of experience as an Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon in Gurgaon. He has expertise in laparoscopic procedures form gallstones, CBD explorations, TEP/TAPP hernia repairs. Dr Mayank is a known name for Bariatric procedure such as sleeve gastrectomies and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, Nissen’s fundoplication for Reflux disorders. He specialises in laparoscopic gynae and gynae-onco procedures such as Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and surgery for ovarian tumours. He is also proficient in handling a variety of laparoscopic colo-rectal surgeries, laparoscopic solid organ surgeries such as splenectomy, cystogastrostomy and various other procedures.

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Presize Clinic

Bariatric Surgeon In Pune

Looking for Bariatric Surgery in Pune? Presize Clinic is one of the safest places to lose excess weight through successful surgical operation.

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Adam Harris

consultant gastroenterologist

Dr. Adam Harris has been a consultant physician and gastroenterologist for over 22 years, he has extensive expertise within the diagnosing, investigation and treatment of conditions affecting the oesophagus, stomach and bowels. For more information about Dr. Adam Harris Visit Our Website gastroenterologist london.

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London Gastrointestinal Associates

Private gastroenterologist London - LGA

The London Gastrointestinal Associates is a leading Private Gastroenterologist in London that perform a complete range of endoscopy including gastroscopy, capsule endoscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP and endoscopic ultrasound.

It consists a cohesive team of gastrointestinal physicians & surgeons, consultant gastroenterologist in London.

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