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Vinsfertility Pvt Ltd

Vinsfertility helped those parents who are not able to conceive a baby due to any Fertility issue. We provide IVF, Surrogacy, IUI, ICSI Treatments. Embryo freezing, Fertility checkup, and other fertility treatments. We have our center not just in India but also in Cyprus, Kenya, USA, Prague, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

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Dr. Anil Sharma is an accomplished physician who previously practiced in the bustling heart of London, England, and still maintains his practice there. With the launch of Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery in Edmonton, Dr. Sharma is combining the highest standard of care with the sophistication and comfort of world-class European clinics. He takes a collaborative approach with his patients, whether it is during the initial consultation, treatment phase, or a follow-up appointment.

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Freyr Energy was founded on the principles of making solar energy affordable and accessible for everyone. In order to make adoption of solar energy a reality at the grass-root level, we have identified that consumer awareness, affordability and accessibility play an integral role. With our innovative platform, SunPro+, our extensive channel-partner network and our efficient service we ensure that these three factors are addressed to make sure your venture into solar energy is hassle-free. Best solar company in Hyderabad

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Freyr Energy

Best solar company in Hyderabad-Freyr

Freyr Energy was founded on the principles of making solar energy affordable and accessible for everyone. In order to make adoption of solar energy a reality at the grass-root level, we have identified that consumer awareness, affordability and accessibility play an integral role. With our innovative platform, SunPro+, our extensive channel-partner network and our efficient service we ensure that these three factors are addressed to make sure your venture into solar energy is hassle-free. Best solar company in Hyderabad

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dr padmaja

Dr Padmaja Fertility Center Hyderabad

Dr. PadmajaDivakar is a gynaecologist with 25 yrs stand in Obstetrics, Gynec& Fertility and a proven track record with flawless service all along without a single mishap whatsoever on or off the operation table on surgical side, with good rate of success in IUI, IVF, ICSI & Surrogacy like A.R.T.Procedures for all last one decade and the evidence info given in our website www.drpadmajaivf.com is speaks volumes about that, poised to serve the less fortunate infertile couple worldwide, in distress to have a baby to make up a family; and her Lawyer husband Mr. Divakar Reddy who had a brisk legal practice , joined to see her success in this unique venture.

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vickong dental











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Scalp Micropigmentation - SMP

Scalp Micropigmentation - SMP

Here at Skulltec, we specialise in offering scalp micropigmentation, with hair loss clinics in Paisley, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Doncaster and Exeter. We are the largest SMP (scalp micropigmentation) specialist in the whole of Scotland, offering clients every kind of hair loss solution from scar camouflage to density treatment. In addition to offering these services to our customers, we also provide SMP training courses to those who learn from the best, with Skulltec having been voted the best hair loss clinic in Scotland by the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards in 2019, and awarded with the prestige of the Innovation and Technology award at The Look Awards, hosted by The Herald in 2018. If you’re interested in discovering more about our micropigmentation courses, read on to find out about SMP training at Skulltec, the design of the course, the course content and everything else that is included.


Phone Number:
07928 681577

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Changing the code of life

On 7 October,  the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that it had awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize for Chemistry to two women scientists: Emmanuelle Charpentier (L), a French microbiologist, geneticist and biochemist,  who is now the director of the Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens in Berlin, Germany, and Jennifer Doudna (R), an American biochemist  who is a professor of chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology at UC Berkeley.

The scientists developed a simple, cheap, yet powerful, and precise technique for editing DNA, which is called CRISPR-Cas9 (an acronym for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) and popularly referred to as a pair of ‘genetic-scissors’. The technology endows science and scientists with extraordinary powers to manipulate genes to cure genetic diseases, improve crops to withstand drought, mould and pests, and affect climate change, and is considered to be the most important discovery in the history of biology. The Nobel citation refers to Charpentier’s and Doudna’s scientific contribution as a, “tool for rewriting the code of life”, which has “a revolutionary impact on the life sciences, by contributing to new cancer therapies and may make the dream of curing inherited diseases come true”.

For more than four years HealthPad has been following and publishing Commentaries on the scientists’ work. Our Commentaries have a large and growing global following of leading physicians, scientists, policy makers, journalists and students. The Commentaries listed below about CRISPR techniques, which we re-publish to celebrate Charpentier’s and Doudna’s Nobel Prize, have had more than 120,000 views.
Gene editing positioned to revolutionise medicine
1 Feb 2017

Gene editing battles
15 Mar 2017

Who should lead MedTech?
18 Jul 18
Base-editing next-generation genome editor with delivery challenges
17 oct 2018
CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing a 2-edged sword
31 Oct 2018
Will China become a world leader in health life sciences and usurp the US?
27 Feb 2019
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Delta Fitness

Delta Fitness

Delta Fitness is a luxury personal training studio based in Canary Wharf. Our team of Elite Personal Trainers are equipped with years of experience to help you get into the best shape of your life within realistic and achievable fast time frames. If you are looking to tone up, lose fat or build the body you always dreamed of, do not look any further, Delta Fitness is the place for you.

Phone Number:
0757 032 6844

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“I’m sweating a lot these days. I’m losing my temper in no time. Perhaps my BP needs to be checked”!
These are common notions and you must have experienced such thoughts at some point of time or the other. BP (blood pressure) checking is one of the first steps taken by your doctor while he or she examines you for some health complaints that you have made! Before discussing the common and the lesser-known causes of abnormally high blood pressure, let’s start with what blood pressure (BP) is?

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the flowing blood on the walls of the arteries. The numbers look like a fraction where the ‘numerator’ figure is known as systolic pressure and the ‘denominator’ figure called the diastolic pressure. What do these numbers denote?

The systolic pressure is a higher figure and is a measure of the pressure in the arteries when the heartbeats, the diastolic one is when the heart rests in between two beats. Normal blood pressure reads – 120/80mmHg. A figure that is abnormally and consistently higher than this denotes hypertension (or high blood pressure).

Normally, a patient with high blood pressure is advised to consume fewer amounts of sugar, kept on medication, and sometimes prescribed to take low cholesterol foods (if cholesterol on the artery walls increases the pressure). However, some lesser-known factors might lead to Hypertension. They have been elucidated here in this article.

Some lesser-known causes of Hypertension

Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Years of repeated interrupted breathing causes the nervous system to release certain chemicals that consequently raises the blood pressure. Interrupted breathing also results in lesser oxygen in the body that adversely affects the blood vessel walls!

Low potassium profile
Our kidneys are responsible for maintaining a balance of sodium and potassium in our bodies. Suppose, you are on a low-salt diet and you rest assured that the blood pressure level in your body will remain unaffected. That's not the case! You could still have high blood pressure if there is an insufficient intake of fruits, veggies, fish, and dairy. Bananas, broccoli, spinach, etc. are good sources of potassium.

The use of NSAID
NSAIDs are Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs such as Ibuprofen and other pain killers used in large quantities and over longer periods often damages kidney functioning. Like I already said, your kidneys are responsible for maintaining the sodium balance. This balance keeps the functioning of the blood vessels intact. When the balance is disrupted some amount of vasoconstriction could possibly raise the BP of your body.

Anxiety or the “doctor’s chamber” effect
A rise of up to 10 points for systolic and 5 points for diastolic pressure is a common phenomenon when the patient is inside the doctor’s chamber and is being examined. This is simply due to the anxiety that makes the blood run faster through the vessels. This raises both the pulse and the BP!

The use of decongestants
Decongestants squeeze the blood vessels. When the same amount of blood has to pass through a narrower passage, blood pressure is raised. Pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine are drugs that are responsible for such a condition. Sinus and congestion problems due to cold have other over-the-counter solutions for high BP individuals.

Lack of water supply to the cells of your body results in tightening up the blood vessels. That raises your BP. Why does this happen? Actually, the brain sends some signals to the pituitary gland to release certain hormones. This chemical results in the shrinking of the vessels. The kidneys release a lesser amount of pee to retain the remaining water that the body possesses. This again triggers the vessels of the heart to squeeze more!

The list is quite a long one - Overuse of antidepressants, consumption of too much sugar, and several other factors may be responsible for a raised blood pressure level!
However here is a quick read on common FAQs about Sphygmomanometers


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