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Patient's view :     November 2013,   London,  UK.

Surgery :             Sub-acromial decompression  for shoulder impingement syndrome.

Surgery type :     Arthroscopic (keyhole)      versus      Open surgery.

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Bartek Luszcz

Posted to: Shoulder consultations.

Hello, Dr Iossfidis, my name is Bartek and I have a problem with my shoulder. Picture attached.

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The shoulder is a complex joint, which has the facility for more motion than any other joint in the body. It’s comprised of the upper arm bone known as the humorus, the shoulder blade or the scapula and the collarbone, which is known also as the clavicle. Shoulder arthroscopy has been performed since the 1970s and is a minimally invasive surgical procedure undertaken by orthopaedic surgeons to inspect, diagnose and repair problems inside the joint.

The word arthroscopy is derived from two Greek words that mean, to look within the joint. A shoulder arthroscopic procedure involves making small incisions through which a small camera, known as an arthroscope, can be inserted into the shoulder joint. This relays pictures on a television screen, which enables the surgeon to guide small thin surgical instruments into the joint. Shoulder arthroscopy is usually a day surgery, less painful than open shoulder surgery and has a short recovery time.

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