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Are you suffering from lingering pain with slight swelling in your limbs, it can be a case of lymphedema, which is due to the malfunctioning of the lymph nodes. Sadly the condition is not totally incurable and doctors often prescribe the use of compression garments to help apply pressure on the lymphatic vessels in the area which pumps blood back to the heart and minimizes swelling. People often think that applying hot cold therapy on the area can ease the pain but this is not true, perhaps keeping the affected limb on an elevated surface or wearing a compression sleeve can help. There are different kinds of compression garments available in the market but it is always recommended to buy them according to the prescription. Usually medical garments with label 20–30 mmHg of compression are applicable for people suffering from lymphedema and their mechanical pressure on the surface is apt for compressing, and supporting underlying tissues. Learn more on lymphedema and its management.


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lymphedema and its management
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