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Dr. Sarang Rote

Best Neurosurgeon in Pune

Dr. Sarang Rote is a Consultant Neurosurgeon & Neurointerventionist in Pune. He had very well focused training from specialty-specific Legends in Neurosurgery as well as with new generation Neurosurgeons around the world. He is trained in Neurointervention to form the pioneers of Neurointervention and many others. Also, he is well trained in the use of all-new advanced minimal invasive modalities, and technology. His area of interest are-

Cerebrovascular diseases for which he offers microscopic cerebrovascular neurosurgery as well as endovascular neurosurgery i.e. Neurointervention.
Skull base tumors & other lesions for which he offers microscopic as well as endoscopic skull base neurosurgery.
Stroke intervention & surgery.

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I have been a Consultant Neurosurgeon at King’s College Hospital since September 2005. I have a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Warwick and extensive research experience in traumatic brain injury and the mechanisms of brain cell death. I undertook specialist training in neurosurgery in Liverpool and Birmingham followed by a Clinical Fellowship in Richmond, Virginia, USA. I am currently the Lead Neurovascular Surgeon at King’s College Hospital and the Associate Clinical Director for Trauma.

I was the first surgeon in the UK to perform the non-occlusive cerebral vascular bypass technique. In addition to this expertise in degenerative spine disease which includes the management of back and neck pain, arm pain and sciatica together with peripheral nerve disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome; I have specialist expertise in the management of neurovascular conditions (e.g. cerebral aneurysms, AVMs, Cavernomas, AV fistulas), the surgical treatment of stroke (decompressive craniectomy and revascularisation for Moya-Moya, Sickle Cell Anaemia and trauma. My expertise extends to the use of radiosurgery (CyberKnife and GammaKnife) for the treatment of such conditions.

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