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TESTD™ is a subsidiary of Regent Street Clinic™, Which is one of oldest and largest private group of clinics in the UK.

TESTD™ is a private, doctor-led medical service, which allows those with specific sexual health concerns to access the tests they require from the comfort of their own home, at a time that can be worrying and stressful.

Our service enables people to be tested comprehensively, for the whole range of sexually transmitted infections.

Test kits are provided simply at home & samples (blood, urine or swabs) are then forwarded to the laboratory using our self addressed envelopes.

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Melita Fernandez

Urgent Care Clinic

At Urgent Care of Texas, We provide a wide range of urgent care services whether its non-life threatening injuries or sickness that is keeping you from your daily routine. No appointment needed, most insurances accepted and wait time is always minimal.

For decades health care facilities have been categorized based on health problems, Expecare Family Care & Urgent Care of Texas strives to change that and bring the focus back to the patient. We promise to serve and care for you, any age or gender, with health problems mild or severe, injury or chronic issues. It is about your convenience and comfort.

Specialty Services - Primary Care, Urgent Care, Occupational Health Care, Diagnostic Services, Physical Therapy, IV Infusion, Auto Accident Treatment, Podiatry Treatment, Prep, Iv Nutritional Therapy, Travel Medicine

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This year the World was gripped by who would get the keys to the White House. One thing we all learnt from the 2012 Presidential election is that America is a deeply divided society and this is no more evident than in the nation’s capital.

Washington DC, the capital city of the richest country on Earth, has an HIV infection rate of 3.2%, the highest HIV rate of any large city in America and placing it well above many African cities renowned for their high prevalence of HIV AIDS. How can this be so in the world’s wealthiest nation with a plentiful supply of antiretroviral drugs, efficient systems to administer them and effective popular ways of interrupting the spread of the disease?

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