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Patients want health information in ways that doctors are not providing.

Patients want reliable answers to simple questions about the presentation, diagnosis, treatment options, side effects, and aftercare of their conditions. They want answers at speed, and increasingly delivered to their smartphones in video formats.

With difficulties gaining face-time with doctors, patients turn to the Internet. Worldwide, some three billion health-related Internet searches are made each year.

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We've had a very busy week of adding new features to the live site;
here are the important bits:

  • Accounts - you can now register
  • Follows - you can start following people and organisations
  • Search - an indexed search engine tries to best give you what you're after
  • Filtering - you can now filter content based on your followers and your interests.
  • Infinite scrolling - no more paging
  • Tags and Directory views - to see all content marked under them

We also have a number of major features which are only available to the admin team:

  • New video processor - has handled everything thrown at it so far
  • Publication editor - most of the content you see on the live website is created this way, including this piece

These features will be open to the public very soon, but at the moment they require more work on the interface. We are working hard adding new elements and closing in on feature completion.

New features are deployed twice per day, so check back soon!

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Kwatsi is the company behind HealthPad.

Kwatsi is an innovative health knowledge network that combines the best of blogging and social networking with a micro transaction marketplace.

Kwatsi launched into public beta at the end of January 2012 with an amazing video library on gynaecologic cancers uploaded by experts, patients and students. Kwatsi has a rapidly growing community of users interested in health, lifestyle, medicine, fitness, nutrition and education. Start discovering, sharing and connecting with people around the world snd join our mission to make knowledge sharing rewarding and universally accessible.

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