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Pharmacy One

Pharmacy One

Pharmacy One Heald Green is the areas first independent Pharmacy. We provide private and repeat NHS Prescription services, Travel Clinic and Online Doctor services. We offer NHS checks for Heart, Cholesterol, BP, Diabetes as well as Stop Smoking support. Blood tests, Vaccinations and Flu Jabs. Weight Management, Dossett Boxes, Emergency Contraception, Erectile Dysfunction Medication and much more. We are a Healthy Living Pharmacy and we can provide Care Home Services.

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday - 09:00-18:00
Saturday: 09:00-14:00

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Patients want health information in ways that doctors are not providing.

Patients want reliable answers to simple questions about the presentation, diagnosis, treatment options, side effects, and aftercare of their conditions. They want answers at speed, and increasingly delivered to their smartphones in video formats.

With difficulties gaining face-time with doctors, patients turn to the Internet. Worldwide, some three billion health-related Internet searches are made each year.

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