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Edward Leen

Professor of Radiology, Imperial College London

Prof Leen currently works as a Consultant Interventional Radiologist at Hammersmith, Charing Cross and St Mary's NHS hospitals, as well as the Princess Grace Hospital privately. He is also Professor of Radiology at Imperial College London and has over 15 years’ experience in ablative therapies.

He leads a clinical ultrasound group with a focus on microbubble ultrasound assessment. He has a specialist interest in ablative therapies for cancer of the kidneys, liver, lung and pancreas and has established and developed a number of percutaneous ablative therapies including the new cancer treatment, NanoKnife, a thermal-based and irreversible electroporation technique. Alongside his interest in novel oncological ablative therapies, Prof Leen has a particular interest in liver imaging, new diagnostic applications in cancer as well as the development of navigation and robotics for percutaneous ablative therapies. He has a long-standing interest in altered hepatic haemodynamics and micro-metastases.

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Paul Tait

Consultant Radiologist, Hammersmith Hospital Imperial College NHS Trust

I am a Consultant Interventional Radiologist at Hammersmith Hospital Imperial NHS Trust. My particular interest is in the oncological delivery and treatment of Liver tumours by endovascular means.

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